5 Steps to Changing Life Situations

Making changes in your life can be hard and met with huge resistance, it doesn’t have to be! You can successfully make the changes to just about anything; be it better relationships, more money, a new career, increased business, better health or anything at all! Follow these 5 steps to changing life situations and success will manifest.

Know what you don’t want!

Yes that’s right, identify the things you don’t want to have. It’s easy to identify them. They are the things dragging you down, making you frustrated, keeping you in constant patterns of unhappiness. List them out. These are the things limiting your thinking.

Set intentions for what you want instead

This is also easy because it will be the opposite of what you don’t want. It’s what you desire to have or intend to have if nothing where blocking you having it. Now write them down as if there was nothing limiting you!

Get clear on your intentions

Be specific as possible. Imagine when you have got your desire! Its appearance, what does it look like? Look, what do you see yourself doing? Sound, what does it sound like or sounds around you, Listen, what are people saying about you and what will you being saying to yourself? What feelings will you be having?

Clear the blockages to having it

This is at your subconscious level. Think about the things that have stopped you in the past, what negative thoughts, what doubts, what resistance do you feel? These are the limiting beliefs held in your subconscious mind and is most important. They must be changed or re-written otherwise you will just keep sabotaging your desires. This is where PSYCH-K® comes in.

Take “Inspired” Action

We must take right actions to impress our subconscious mind with positive beliefs. Taking Inspired Action, is when you have an idea and you act on it straight away. This is called intuition, and it’s your higher self directing you to the success you have intended at Step 2. Now that you are clear on them, and you have cleared your blockages, you are being inspired from a whole new perception on life

You were born with no limitations, they are only what you have decided to allow in to your mind.

Follow these steps and use the PSYCH-K®  process to clear the limiting beliefs in your subconscious and success will come easily and quickly. Find a workshop near you – https://psych-k.com/5 Steps to Changing Life Situations

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