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Alex McDonald Above and Beyond Reality

Hi, I'm Alex McDonald the founder of Above & Beyond Reality from Perth, Western Australia. I work with Psych-K™ to change limiting habits and beliefs within a person.

Dr Bruce Lipton Ph.D, cell biologist and author of 'Biology of Belief' has published findings that state it isn’t our genes that determine the majority of our habits and decision making, rather it’s our subconscious beliefs.

Dr Lipton is an advocate for PSYCH-K. It works hand in hand with his research findings that a change in the perception of reality is fundamental in achieving a life of peace and harmony.

We are in a time where change is constant and is happening at a rate that has never been experienced before. Our current models and concepts of ourselves and our businesses are constantly being challenged, creating what can feel like chaos and disorder.

This is because our core belief system - what determines our actions and thinking patterns - can become outdated and based on a false philosophy.

We would like to introduce you to a new paradigm. A new elevated way of thinking.

Albert Einstein said:
“We cannot solve a problem with the same level of thinking that created it.”

Backed by the latest science, our methods for creating sustainable change are beyond will power, affirmations and positive thinking. They promote adaptability and flexibility, allowing us to easily navigate through life’s great number of opportunities to grow.

Seek the change you desire. Allow us to be your change agents.

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