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Essentials for Success TM


Presented in Australia by US based director Robin Graham

Results Catalyst -

Robin Graham

Having a collaborative workplace with engaged employees is paramount for a sustainable business!

The latest Gallop report has found… “Australian workplaces are amongst the worst in the world when it comes to employee engagement and satisfaction, with employees reporting a lack of respect and little opportunity for collaboration”.

Gallop Report

  • 71% of employees are not engaged in their jobs!
  • 15% are ACTIVELY disengaged
  • Only 1 in 5 leaders are engaged

Leaders today are expected to perform at greater levels and deal with their own stresses as well as their teams effectively.

Effective leaders understand alignment is a dynamic process evolving continually as conditions and needs change.

This kind of adaptability and collaboration is essential to thriving in 21st century business.

While coaching and training are necessary to increase skill sets, success is a result of the right mindset to support such training.

Neuroscience now shows 95% of thinking processes lie below our conscious awareness. Such subconscious programming affects underlying beliefs and biases directing all decisions and behaviours.

The PER-K® Essentials for Success™ Workshop for Aligned Leadership outcomes for each participant are to have the ability to create sustainable mindset change, quickly and easily allowing them to:

  • Perform at higher levels
  • Connect and collaborate with their teams
  • Apply Scientific Advancement to Expand Success
  • Generate Greater Results for Yourself and Your Clients
  • Create Verifiable and Lasting Change
  • Align Conscious Goals with Subconscious Programs
  • Catalyse Behaviours that Accelerate Performance
  • Prevent Burnout/De-Stress for Success

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