Psych-K™ Basic Workshop

A three-day workshop to teach you how to use Psych-K™ in your life.

Psych-K™ Basic Workshop is a three-day hands on workshop delivered by Australia's leading certified Psych-K™ instructor Rosemarie Pletzer.

The Basic Workshop is the entry level workshop for those that would like to learn the Psych-K™ technique or are revisiting after prior workshops.

Psych-K™ is a technique used to reprogram the subconscious mind to align your beliefs and actions with your true desires. By using Psych-K™ with yourself, friends or family you have the power to eliminate stress, anxiety and fear and to improve relationships, productivity, finances and personal health - to name a few.

Psych-K™ is different to a lot of other methods of improvement. Quite often they work only on the conscious mind and it's for this reason they are unable to secure lasting change. Psych-K™ engages the subconscious mind which holds our beliefs, and our beliefs govern our actions.

Science has indicated that by the age of seven we have already programmed our beliefs into our subconscious mind. This means we will carry our childhood beliefs throughout our life and are resolved to the same actions if we do not possess the knowledge or power to change them.

By completing the Psych-K™ Basic Workshop you will learn:

  • The science behind the Psych-K™ process.
  • The process of how to identify your limiting beliefs and responses to stressful/fearful situations.
  • How to remove you limiting beliefs and responses to stressful/fearful situations.
  • How to reprogram the subconscious mind with the belief and actions you would like to hold instead.
  • The process of applying Psych-K™ in your life and the life of friends and family so you may all live a better life.

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Change is easy using the Psych-K™ process.

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