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Unshackled Potential Program

The Unshackled Potential Program is a 12-week program created to help you reinstate a healthy work-life balance and to knock down the limitations you are facing in your business.

Over this 12 week program you work closely with Above & Beyond Reality. By using the PSYCH-K® technique you will identify and remove the mental blockages and barriers that are limiting your business growth.

The Unshackled Potential Program is covered by our 30-day money-back guarantee. If you are not producing new results within 30 days of  participating in the program, we will refund 100% of your money.

Taking leadership to good and onto authentic greatness through transformation of limiting beliefs affecting emotional responses and positive quality behaviour.

Recent research indicates that the highest level of brain function occurs when both hemispheres of the brain are engaged simultaneously and activated. This is called the “whole-brain” state.

From a neuroscience point of view, it is a bilateral, symmetrical brain wave pattern.  From a business point of view, this simply means greater functionality and therefore greater performance!  This unique state of consciousness also allows for:

  • high-speed mindset change,
  • expanded creativity,
  • as well as dramatically improving problem solving and opportunity leveraging.  

Many leaders find themselves coming from a place of lack, limitation or desperation. It’s the great leaders who have an emotional and behavioural self-awareness of themselves and others and manage their thoughts and emotions producing effectiveness and connection.

We receive feedback from many clients who thought lasting change was unattainable only to discover how beautifully the PSYCH-K® process has worked for them.

The work has been really good and the changes are definitely evident in areas of business and personal life.

I have referred clients to Above & Beyond Reality and they have all spoken highly of Alex from Above & Beyond Reality.

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This program is for individuals or teams, businesses or groups and anyone wanting greater connection with people.  It is designed to:

  • Work one on one through 12 categories of personal growth including action taking, planning, change, communication and rapport, money, self-worth.
  • Be aware of feelings arising regarding those personal growth categories and what thoughts triggered them.
  • Find the resistances required to go to the next level in business or personal growth
  • Transform the limiting thought pattern and beliefs into self- enhancing beliefs supporting the desired goals for self or business
  • Align business or personal goals to 11 principles of nature (e.g. collaboration, diversity, adaptation, cause and effect, harmony).

What you get?

  1. 13 weeks, working one on one, of discovery and transformation exploding your business or leadership qualities
  2. Big Business Vision – Create (or expand on) your vision – create a new personal blue print by re-writing your subconscious mind to believe and support your vision. Not just a desire!
  3. Bonuses - 5 extra sessions
    • 3 sessions to align your life with the principles of nature – bringing harmony, flow and happiness
    • 1 relationship session – the way we relate to ourselves is the way we relate to everyone and everything
    • 1 session to work through anything of your choice
  4. A copy of the Rob Williams book- The Missing Peace. (hard copy or e-book)

Feel the renewed enthusiasm for your business, create more revenue and re-establish your work-life balance. There's no need to sacrifice life for work. The Unshackled Potential Program will help you live a life of harmony.

The Unshackled Potential Program is covered by our 30-day money-back guarantee. If you are not producing new results within 30 days of  participating in the program, we will refund 100% of your money.

Re-boost your business today and start living your life. Register for the Unshackled Potential Program by clicking the button below.

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