“You can change your unconscious habitual thoughts in 15 minutes using Psych-K® says Bruce Lipton PhD. author of Biology of Belief.

It’s like hitting a reset button and rewriting old scripts in your mind by embedding new beliefs supporting your goals and desires.

Psych-K® Basic Workshop, January 4, 5, 6 at Blue Wren Resting Place Retreat, Nannup, Western Australia

Above and Beyond Reality is making this workshop available for the first time in the beautiful south west teaching this simple, yet powerful process changing subconscious self-limiting and self-sabotaging to beliefs supporting your goals and desires.

Above and Beyond Reality is hosting Australia’s most experienced international Psych-K® Instructor to teach the processes. Rosi Pletzer of Minds Align is certified by Rob Williams, the originator of Psych-K® to deliver the Psych-K® Basic, Advanced Integration, and Master Facilitation Workshops throughout Australia, Singapore, Denmark, Croatia, Greece and Hawaii.

Latest technology in Neuroscience now confirms what Psych-K® has been delivering for more than 25 years. Everyone attending learns this ground-breaking neuroscientific approach working beyond willpower and affirmations, fast tracking to self-realisation.

Improving Life, Health, Finances, Relationships are difficult when trying to do this from the outside in. It’s like having a new computer case looking good yet keeping the old hard drive operating with old limited and sluggish programs. While improving the external measurements gives temporary satisfaction… what everyone really wants is long lasting improvement.

It’s time to do something different and create improvement from the inside out updating mindset programs to operate fast and efficiently.

In this workshop everyone learns and experiences the power of re-writing subconscious beliefs in an accelerated mind/body/spirit approach and will:

  • Rediscover authentic inner self
  • Honour the true self
  • Transform inner resistance
  • Expand into Greatness

The first two foundational days include reviewing concepts and experiencing the processes, writing statements in language the subconscious understands, verifying beliefs and then rewriting the subconscious with new empowering beliefs.

The third day is an expansion day with additional discussions of applications and practice allowing the processes to fully integrate for ongoing use.

This workshop is set to raise the consciousness of the south west and impact the whole community.

Register here now as positions are restricted AnB Reality/Psych-K Basic Nannup Workshop

Call for more information – Alexe J McDonald – Ph 0438 515650


Alexe of Above and Beyond Reality has been an advanced health and wellbeing facilitator recognised by Psych-K® International since 2015 and has impacted hundreds of lives worldwide with freedom from the limited thinking holding back their success.

Above and Beyond Reality also empowers businesses and leaders with programs and the tools for personal and professional transformation enabling ordinary people to achieve extraordinary outcomes.

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