1. DECIDE … Decide to be happy. Don’t wait for someone or something to make you happy
    Simply decide… Being happy is a state not an emotion, it comes from a place of being… being yourself ….Decide to be happy today and your emotions will follow..”I am happy and love being me!!”.
  2. GRATITUDE… Find 10 things every morning to be grateful for .. then say THANK YOU for them. Having an attitude of gratitude releases positivity in us, puts us in the present moment, not thinking of the mongrel things that happened in the past or going to happen.Give thanks for small things like you have a coffee in the morning or your car started as well as bigger things like your job or house.
  3. ENCOURAGE WITH A SMILE… The Chinese have a saying… a man with no smile should never open a shop… know one likes to deal with a person who never smiles.

Smile at anyone you see, strangers, work mates, the person in the car next to you… and see what happens, and… how YOU end up feeling.

Encouragement has the meaning of to give strength to (courage)… When you give encouragement you are taking the focus of self and uplifting someone, and in turn we feel lifted up, and doing it with a smile is a double whammy!!

I guarantee if you DECIDE to be happy, You are THANKFUL for 10 things every day, ENCOURAGE someone, you won’t be able to stop SMILING!! AND you ABSOLUTELY will have a HAPPY DAY!!

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