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What is PER-K®?

Being a leader within a business whether it’s a corporation, small business or even self- employed ventures, requires many skills to be successful. Individuals in leadership roles will meet at some point situations which challenge their comfort zone or push against a mindset of which they do not believe in or think others will believe. They will be asked to provide leadership in areas they feel ill-equipped to handle.

The ease at which success of the situation, project or even venture is delivered will depending on the individual’s skills and the perception they have of the opportunity and themselves.

Typical leadership training focuses on sharing information and method of how to cope or adapt to coax the individual into changing their behaviour or applying their new skills. This approach to training and development provides skills but not the mindset for being successful with the new skill. It is an outside-in approach focussing only on the surface level of the mind…the conscious mind.

More often than not, the desired leadership qualities and change in behaviour and thinking is short lived and the individual quickly reverts back to their old patterns of thinking and behaviours resulting in limited success, dis-engagement and frustration. This often is seen as a poor investment and the individual is the problem.

To guarantee the desired outcome, it is best to utilise a proven approach focussing on the foundational element, the mindset of the people involved. Research by other experts has validated the need for internal change, mindset, first.

With PER-K® Essentials for Success, the approach is from the inside-out. Understanding neuroscience research, we work with the level of the mind that originates thoughts and behaviours… the subconscious. Using a change method proven with over 30 years of success, we help the individual transform the inner thoughts initiating decisions as well as behaviours.

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What Neuroscience Reveals About the Nature of Sustainable Business

PER-K® Essentials for Success you and your organisation will experience:

  • Effective and accelerated change for individuals and the business
  • Access and transform underlying beliefs and attitudes driving behaviour
  • Create expanded perceptions allowing for high speed mindset change and problem solving capabilities
  • Successful and sustained behaviours, actions and results

Benefits from implementing the Essentials for Success program include:

  • Faster strategic objectives achieved
  • Clarity of vision and the actions for implementation
  • Create a continuous improvement culture
  • Nurture a culture of growth-oriented leaders
  • Increase internal success motivation
  • Faster recovery from stress and adversity
  • Revitalize engagement and commitment
  • Develop a ‘can-do’ attitude
  • Improved effective communication
  • Enhance team and group connection
  • Create a culture for adapting to change
  • Faster acceptance of new initiatives
  • Provide enhanced problem solving capabilities and discovering new solutions.

Customised Workshops

Essentials for Success™ can be customized to a specific improvement area or initiative critical to organizational and individual success, such as:

  • Peak Sales Performance - The Psychological Advantage
  • Behavior Styles - Flexing with the Differences
  • Exceptional Leadership - Leading by Example
  • Effective Communication - Using Both Sides of the Brain
  • Team Building - Enhancing Group Effectiveness
  • Turning Stress into Success - It’s All in How You Look at It
  • Health and Wellness – The Mind/Body Connection
  • Excellence in Management – The Whole-Brain Approach
  • The Principles of Nature – Eleven Key Principles of Sustainable Success proven in Nature and applied to business

Additional customization examples are:

  • Emotional Intelligence - Walking Your Talk
  • Safety - Making Safety Awareness a Habit
  • Performance Appraisals - Gaining Commitment for Expected Results
  • Ethics - Aligning Individual and Organizational Agreements
  • Responsibility and Accountability - A Personal Commitment
  • Spirituality in Business - Expanding from Within
  • Coaching - With a Whole-Brain Perspective
  • Excellent Entrepreneur - Using Your Brain Trust for Success