Skills and knowledge can be taught to most however mindset is what separates exceptional performers from average performers.

Both skills and mindset are necessary for success, but skillset is often the main focus and the mindset of the individual is rarely considered. We then wonder why only limited success comes the training or development program.

How do we improve or upgrade our mindset? There are many books and educational approaches available so it’s not about learning more ‘stuff’ thinking we are getting the answers…Isn’t that what we have identified as the issue?)…it’s about actually going under the surface and changing our originating thoughts. Making changes where our unconscious habitual mental structures and rules we have set for ourselves are embedded and affecting our decisions and behaviours.

How do we create an integrated mindset?

The part of our thinking we are aware of, our conscious awareness, such as our knowledge, skills goals and actions is less in charge than we realise. The majority of what impacts success, comes from the emotional (unconscious) brain, its below the level of awareness…this includes habits, attitudes, values and beliefs. Here is where initial reaction or subconscious response is automatic and based on perceptions and beliefs…coming from our life’s experiences, some even as far back as our first few years of growth.

e.g. if you have a fear of sharing in a group or with other people or have limited confidence, then your natural (unconscious) response will hold back your success. Yes you can override the natural response but its hard work. This is because the subconscious mind according to neuroscience research processes about 95% of our responses versus our conscious responses which is only about 5%.

To create lasting sustainable change the key is to go beyond typical training, coaching and development and to directly align the perceptions and beliefs in the subconscious to support success.

Imagine the difference if an entrepreneur or manager believes “If I can avoid making decisions, I can avoid making mistakes”.

What impact does that have for a manager, project manager, entrepreneur or team member?

What if they believe… “I trust my ability to make decisions and I take responsibility for my results”!

Telling someone to make better decisions and providing reasons why it is important for their success or even giving coaching to have better decision making skills…does not mean they will change… they maybe more aware and could even bring more frustration and stress. For consistent sustainable change requires change at the subconscious level where the belief is programmed.

After 30 years proven in the personal development arena the applications of sustainable change is expanded to focus on business and organisational improvement using PER-K®.

The PER-K® program accesses Possibilities, focusses Energy congruently, produces repeatable Results, which is Key to sustainable success.
Creating habits are not hard to do, creating good habits is hard when you have to change old outdated habits! With this process instead of using willpower and discipline to change the habit and get the results we want and expect this process dissolves the resistance and mental constraints creating an easy flow.

Imagine taking a class, reading a book, learn a new skillset, expanding on an idea and use the process to create the habit and mindset allowing it to be activated in an easy and direct way to bring about the sustainable success you desire.

Testimonies from some students who have attended our PER-K® Essentials for Success Program:

“PER-K® has dramatically changed my life! It has improved my leadership skills and has become a powerful “change” tool for my employees.”
J. Smith, Vice President – U.S. based Manufacturing

“This is definitely the “Bullet Train” to success!!”
J. Abrille – Civil Engineering

“I’ve seen significant change in the way our staff members relate to each other since our team building meeting. And, the effects are lasting!”
C. Waylett, Human Resources – Manager International Hotel Company

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